Where the fuck is Marvin?

Where the fuck is Marvin?

People have been asking when the next podcast is coming out. Well the truth is I don’t know when. Maybe I’ll throw together a short Audio podcast this weekend. Truth is, I’ve run out of ideas. Or at least ideas that would be easy to pull off for the podcast.

I’ve done some scripted video projects lately that have been fun but time consuming.

Work has also been a drain since I got promoted too. Nothing like being middle management to suck the creative drive outta ya. But these are all excuses and that’s not what the people want. They want entertainment. The Show Must Go On!

It will one day. Hell I have this domain for another 2 years 🙂 And really, I think I will keep it beyond that. It is my forum after all.

Stay tuned, more to come.

Until then, check out this guy burping on XTube. Nice Belly 🙂


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