U@L #010 The Innertube Vampire Vixen Telecast

U@L #010 The Innertube Vampire Vixen Telecast

When Marvin met Kevin circa 1995

When Marvin met Kevin, circa 1995.

Technical Difficulties no more! We finally got a whole show recorded with out hitch. What you hear is pretty much the whole conversation in it’s entirety aside from a few flubs and cats that don’t knock before entering.

Long time friend Kevin joins me this show via Skype and we chat about “the Complete Bear” web site, some internet thing called 2Girl Blah Blah blah something else, Long Distance Relationships, and otherwise veer off onto many tangents. What’s that about purple socks?

As always, hit me up on email at marvin@ursusatlarge.com and I’ll give you a shout on the show. I may even read your email. And if you have a question or topic you want to hear on the show email that to askursus@ursusatlarge.com and I’ll be sure to get it on the show.

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