Trying on a new process…

I’ve been working on a couple of pieces to go into the new clinic when we move. The art that the county has available for loan isn’t very cheery or kid/family friendly. I guess the curator for the count’s art collection like broody moody artists. My colleagues at the clinic know I’m an artistic type so I offered to make a couple of pieces suitable to go in the clinic.

I’m trying out a new style for these pieces that I’ve never done before. Stencils. These are the first 2 images I’ve done the stencil patterns for so far. So far the process is going well but it does take a little while. Especially cutting out the stencils once I get them printed and laminated.

I have one more image to make the pattern for. It’s a very cliché image of a pregnant woman holding her belly. I’m hoping I can get all the paintings done by our opening which is on August 6.

I hope the images turn out something similar to these but with more of a spray painted texture. It’s a good sign I guess that Google recognized them as faces and tried to get me to tag them. Don’t mind the scribbled notes, they are just for me to make sure I layer the spray paint correctly.

The cool thing is if people like them I have the stencil and I can create a short run of each if I like and sell them. I think $80 a pop for a 9″X12″ canvas is fair, right? 

baby stencil

quinten CT

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