Podcast 0.5…. Oops, not quite

Podcast 0.5…. Oops, not quite

Hooray for Road Rash

Why 0.5? Well this isn’t an official podcast. It’s short and sweet. Consider it a preview. ( I do need to make sure I get the paths right you know) I do talk about my day, more specifically my evening. Looking forward to doing the real podcast. Email me if you like at marvin@ursusatlarge.com*** Update: The Test/Intro mini-Podcast I tried to upload got corrupted so it wasn’t working. I’ll have to try again later. It sucks that I was up until after 1am tinkering with it. Damn-it. If you’re wondering about the picture there, I originally explained it in my intro Podcast but like I said the file got corrupted. Lost forever. Don’t think I’ll bother trying to record it again. Note to self. Make a back up!

Anyway. I went out on my motorcycle yesterday after work just to take it for a spin. I hadn’t ridden it since last summer so I wanted to take it out and see how it was riding before commuting on it. Anyway, I was going along this winding back road and not paying attention when I hit a patch of loose gravel. I lost control and went onto the shoulder of the road which was all loose gravel and then the bike just came out from under me and I dumped it. That nice little patch of road rash is the result of me doing a belly flop and sliding in the gravel on the side of the road after I slowed to about 20 mph. Fun. Luckily that’s the worst of it.

More to come soon.

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