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  • The Ultimate Flake Letter!

    The Ultimate Flake Letter!

    Here it is as promised. (Though a little late because I lost the file.) The full letter that was partially read in U@L #25. I wish I could get some celebrity to do a dramatic reading of it. 🙂 Here goes. You may want to […]

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  • U@L #25: Kicking it Old School, Bring a Spoon!

    U@L #25: Kicking it Old School, Bring a Spoon!

    Episode #25 is finally here. I hope you all are still listening. Due to technical difficulties I am back to Audio at the moment. For this special throw back episode of U@L guests Dave and Mike of Mind Spiral Productions join me to talk about […]

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  • U@L #24: Tea Bagging!

    U@L #24: Tea Bagging!

    Enjoy a fresh cupping of Republican Outrage Rooibos. Marvin is back and stirring up trouble as he attends a Tax Day Tea Party and gets the dip (or scoop) on what these Right Wingers are all of a sudden upset about. Do they even know? […]

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  • Where is Ursus@Large?

    Where is Ursus@Large?

    Hi All, I’m not even sure if anyone actually reads the blog section of the show but I’m going to try this out anyway. Things have been busy since I returned from my trip abroad and put together the big end of 2008 Podcast. Also […]

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  • U@L #23 : No, I’m not dead…

    U@L #23 : No, I’m not dead…

    U@L is back (finally) after a long break. What was I up to for 2 months? You’ll have to check out the podcast to see. November and December found Marvin to be a busy boy. I was even accused of being a “Circuit Bear.” Imagine […]

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  • U@L #22: Bears of the Corn, and then some…

    U@L #22: Bears of the Corn, and then some…

    Hi All, Episode #22 of U@L ushers the show into the fall season with a trip out to the Corn Maze in Kent, WA with a small group of bears. Then from there we fly across the country to America’s flaccid wiener state, Florida, to […]

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  • U@L: Pain and Punditry

    U@L: Pain and Punditry

    It’s episode 21! Marvin and Allen venture off to the Chrom Ohm tattoo parlor to get tattoos. Marvin is a veteran of the ink arts but this will be Allen’s first. Also, in support of Marvin showcases the short film “The Real McCain” and […]

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  • Inked!


    Hi Y’all. You can call this a little preview of the next podcast. Allen and I done got inked. This is my 7th tattoo so I know what to expect. Allen, it’s his first, so not so much on the expectations part. Check it out […]

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  • U@L #20: It’s Video Baby!

    U@L #20: It’s Video Baby!

    Hi All, It’s another video episode. This time I read some listener emails. We show some of the hi-jinx from Kamp Kodiak this year. (There is some partial nekkedity involved, tee-hee) I also premier a new segment for the video podcasts and I’m calling it […]

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  • The Kamp Kodiak vs. Olympic Committee Letters

    The Kamp Kodiak vs. Olympic Committee Letters

    Here they are as Promised. The Letters of Cease and Desist.

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