Insomnia project

I don’t really have an insomnia project but maybe I should. It’s Monday night (technically Tuesday morning), my alarm will be going off in 5 hours and 50 minutes and I generally function best on 9 hours of sleep. Yeah I’m fucked for tomorrow. Thankfully it should be an easy day.

So why an Insomnia Project? Well in my lack of sleep I made a few silly Vine videos, stitched them together posted them on Instagram and them made another video about how I fell asleep earlier on the couch and now can’t sleep when I need/want to. Honestly I need to put down the iPad, turn off the tv and turn off the light on my nightstand. But I want to use my blog sites and I want to add to the “Project” so here are the videos I made tonight.

Not that anyone checks this site.


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