Ermahgerd Erm Sterned

After looking at the moon and taking about six hits of some fire weed I come back inside. I go to the kitchen to get a drink and noticed the crystal Pepsi I saved sitting on the back of my counter. Now by this time the weed is starting to hit and it’s a dancey strain so I’m already moving to the rhythm of the universe and feel so fine. But I digress. Anyway I see the Pepsi and immediate think of the Lana Del Ray song, Cola. Then the Mary Jane train of thought leaves the station. “My Pussy tastes like Pepsi cola….” I think to myself, “But it’s Crystal Pepsi, so her pussy tastes like a meth addict.” “That’s fucked up,” I think in response to myself. I imagine a tweaked out Lana Del Ray singing the song and then it hits me. Like a bolt of inspiration from a thunder clod of pot smoke… Lerner Derl Rer! So then I start singing to myself, “Mer persy tersts lerk perpsi cerler.” I could not keep this to myself, so here you go world. You’re welcome. Lerner Derl Rer

Perpsi Cerler

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