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  • Burn Baby Burn

    Make this go viral! (In the internet sense, not the STD sense)

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  • The Gord-Remix

    Thus Spake Kevin and into the universe it became….

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  • The Ultimate Flake Letter!

    The Ultimate Flake Letter!

    Here it is as promised. (Though a little late because I lost the file.) The full letter that was partially read in U@L #25. I wish I could get some celebrity to do a dramatic reading of it. 🙂 Here goes. You may want to […]

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  • U@L #018 The Seattle Solstice

    U@L #018 The Seattle Solstice

    I know, I know…. Seattle and Solstice sounds like an oxymoron, but we do get sun here on occasion which is why on the longest day of the year we come out and celebrate it. And when I say celebrate it I mean full on […]

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  • U@L Schmoozing 101

    U@L Schmoozing 101

    As promised, here is the clip from the Bear Boot Camp short documentary where I lay it on thick. You might want the hip waders for this one.

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  • U@L #008 How Ursus got Large

    U@L #008 How Ursus got Large

    Hi Everybody. Be patient with this episode if you’re downloading from the website because it’ll be worth it. I did another video for this one and it’s a HUGE file. I wish I could get it smaller but I didn’t want to lose too much […]

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