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  • Ermahgerd Erm Sterned

    After looking at the moon and taking about six hits of some fire weed I come back inside. I go to the kitchen to get a drink and noticed the crystal Pepsi I saved sitting on the back of my counter. Now by this time […]

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  • Burn Baby Burn

    Make this go viral! (In the internet sense, not the STD sense)

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  • The Gord-Remix

    Thus Spake Kevin and into the universe it became….

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  • Fresh Cut for the New Year

    Not quite a podcast but a little something something to start the new year off.

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  • Where the fuck is Marvin?

    Where the fuck is Marvin?

    People have been asking when the next podcast is coming out. Well the truth is I don’t know when. Maybe I’ll throw together a short Audio podcast this weekend. Truth is, I’ve run out of ideas. Or at least ideas that would be easy to […]

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  • From the desk of Marvin….

    Hi All, February is all but over and it’s been a busy month. I got the first podcast of the year out and then promptly jumped into production on another side project for the no-budget production team I belong to called Mind Spiral. Now that […]

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