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  • belly

    The Denny’s Dilema

    Recently the Denny’s we like to go to decided to remodel their dining room. It looks nicer and cleaner now but there’s just one problem. They took out all but 3 tables and replaced them with booths. That would be fine except the booths aren’t […]

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  • 20131008-005639.jpg

    Insomnia project

    I don’t really have an insomnia project but maybe I should. It’s Monday night (technically Tuesday morning), my alarm will be going off in 5 hours and 50 minutes and I generally function best on 9 hours of sleep. Yeah I’m fucked for tomorrow. Thankfully […]

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  • thebearrarist

    The Bearrarist (Supposed to rhyme with Terrorist)

    Here’s the Story of my screenname on the Voldemort of Bear Sites.

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